More Than Art

Your most important Work of Art is the life you are creating
Erwin McManus

MORE THAN ART is the heart pulse of Laurent Gallery and Studio.

It is a creative organism that lives by Faith, is known by Love and is a voice of Hope and Wisdom for women searching meaning and fulfilment. MORE THAN ART's philosophy based on Christ consciousness is not religious. Do you aspire to "wake up" from a feeling of going no where? We offer LIFE changing COACHING, ART THERAPY session, PROFESSIONAL SUPERVISION and ART WORKSHOPS. Each session is crafted and fitted to your specific needs and desires. MORE THAN ART is transformative, encouraging and mind renewing. It aims to reposition you back on a path of joy, peace, inner freedom, excitement and authentic actions.

TIME IS TICKING. let's discover what is stopping you from reaching your full potential.. You are not sure yet, let's have a chat firs! Call Titane: 0491 119 405.

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