To apply email with the following:
- Resume
- 6 Pictures including name, medium and size.


The LAURENT Gallery


The L A U R E N T Gallery is a new contemporary art space located just a stone throw from CBD and from Port Melbourne Beach. Situated on the edge of South Melbourne’s industrial area, it is a haven of art, peace and culture.

The gallery consists of 3 connected open spaces boasting beautiful natural light, state of the art lighting, Bluetooth surround sound music system and a café.

Space 1

SIZE: 21 Lineal Meters               
Space 1 is our premiere space, with 4m high white walls and direct sunlight from the large front windows.

Space 2

SIZE: 15 Lineal Meters               
Space 2 also has 4m high white walls and includes hallways and the bar area for a more home like experience.

Space 3

SIZE: 10 Lineal Meters              
Space 3 is a raised platform offering a more intimate environment.

Curatorial Exhibition

The Curatorial Exhibition is designed to make your life easy.

Deliver your art work on the Tuesday and we'll have a chat about your ideas. We curate, hang and adjust the lighting. Your job is to invite everyone and then just rock up on Thursday night for the opening and enjoy. We'll look after the exhibition for you from there on in, dealing with all inquiries and sales. Our Curated exhibitions include curatorial installation, opening night catering, catalogue, print invitations, posters, advertising in Art Almanac, social media posts pre and post opening night and an invitation to our mailing list.

The Opening Night Catering includes French Sparkling wine, red wine, white wine, Pellegrino carbonated water, profiteroles and staff.

N.B. The Laurent Gallery takes 25% commission on all sale.

Curated Collective Exhibition

Successful art works will be displayed in the gallery for a three week period.

Art works with all dimensions < 50cm :                           $30 fee
Art works with all dimensions > 50cm and < 100cm :   $50 fee
Art works with all dimension > 100cm and < 150cm :   $65 fee

Opening night will be on the last Thursday of the month and will coincide with our Art Soirée.

N.B. The Laurent Gallery takes 25% commission on all sales.